Data usage at national championship game was also epic

Data usage at national championship game was also epic

ATLANTA (WSFA) - Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta was a rockin' place to be Monday night as Alabama and Georgia battled down to the last second in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

And any time the venue is rockin' you know there will be plenty of cellphones for selfies to prove you were there.

Tuesday, AT&T crunched the numbers on how much data its customers used during the championship game, and to say it was a lot is a bit of an understatement. With more than 77,000 people in attendance, we're talking massive amounts.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is more than a pretty venue with big TVs, nice grass and a roof that can open.

According to Lance Skelly, AT&T's Director of Corporate Communications, Global Media Relations, the stadium features what is called a Distributed Antenna System, or DAS for short, that includes 725 antennas and 1,450 remote amplifiers that help distribute a strong cell signal evenly throughout the stadium.

That means more selfies, less time screaming at your phone to load, and quicker uploads to Facebook and Instagram of that play that changed the game or the filtered photos of food you bought.

When all was said and done, AT&T customers in attendance used 2.5 terabytes of data during the game! That's enough data for more than 7.1 million selfies from the stands or more than 92 selfies for every person who attended the game.

Which leads us to ask ourselves: If you took 92 selfies during that game, were you even watching it???

AT&T looked at more than just the national championship game for a data comparison, and it turns out Bama beat the Dawgs twice. For the entire season, Bama home games accounted for 11.2 TB of AT&T data to Georgia's 7.2 TB.

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