Fate of Elmore County's ‘Limited Self Governance Act’ set for vote

Fate of Elmore County's ‘Limited Self Governance Act’ set for vote

ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Monday the Elmore County Commission voted unanimously (5-0) to place a referendum for repeal on the November ballot for the 'Limited Self Governance Act.'

In 2014, the Limited Self Governance Act was passed into law in Elmore County narrowly by 183 votes. The referendum gave additional power to the commission to enact or strengthen laws dealing with issues such as animal control and litter in unincorporated areas of the county.

"The County Commission has taken no action with this new power that they acquired in 2014. We have not passed any ordinances, we have done nothing with this authority we do have. The current County Commission, as since now, we have no intention of doing anything with this power. We feel it's important to give the people an opportunity to repeal this because we can't guarantee what a future County Commission may do," said Elmore County Commission Chairman Troy Stubbs.

Elmore County resident, Shanna Chamblee, sees this move by the commission as a win. Chamblee led the efforts to get a petition signed requesting a referendum election to repeal the act.

"I live out in the country, the rural areas of the country for a reason. It was to stay away from homeowners association-type rules or city-like ordinances. I wanted to protect that liberty," Chamblee said Shanna.

Chamblee gained 2,600 signatures on the petition by going door to door.

"So many people were misinformed and misinterpreted what it meant on the ballot in 2014. The next step is to educate everybody on this referendum for repeal and getting them to vote yes to repeal in November," said Chamblee.

Elmore County residents will be able to vote on the referendum for repeal of the Limited Self Governance Act in the General Election Tuesday, Nov.

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