Editorial: USPS needs help

Editorial: USPS needs help

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our national post office continues to lose money - a lot of it.

With email and other competitors, including UPS and FedEx, they should be doing a number of things to set themselves apart from their competition.

One thing would be improved customer service, but here is an example locally where they failed miserably

A friend of ours told me they mailed us a package for Christmas. We never received it. Two weeks after the holiday, they put a tracer on it. We were told it was at the Pike Road Post Office. My wife went to the Pike Road Post Office to pick it up.

After checking, she was told it had been there, it had a wrong address and had been sent to the Lagoon Park location. She gets in her car and goes to  Lagoon Park. She walks in and eventually gets to the counter. There was a line.

They check for the package, and she is told it is not there - it is at the Pike Road location. She said she was just there and was told it was at Lagoon Park.

She was offered no other assistance. She attempts to call the Pike Road location while there and the phone rings 20 times twice and yet no one answers.

She drives back to Pike Road and speaks to the same person she spoke to earlier and said the Lagoon Park office said the package was here. She told the employee she called twice from Lagoon Park and no one answered. The postal employee said "You didn't call here."

She proceeded to call the number while standing with him. Her phone was ringing but it was not ringing at the post office. The postal employee discovered the ringer was turned off.

What business turns off their ringer, especially one that is desperate for revenue. When non-government businesses lose money, they streamline their process, trim staff and improve areas that should be their trademark. Customer Service improvement being one of them.

To date, we have no idea where our postal package is.

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