Guest Editorial: Feed Hope Across Alabama

Guest Editorial: Feed Hope Across Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Hi, I'm Rich Deem, CEO of the Montgomery Area Food Bank. I'm here today to thank all our good friends in the River Region and beyond for your support.

That support takes many forms. Some have come and volunteered at the food bank, others have sponsored food and fund drives to help the hungry; while others have chosen to donate funds.

All this support is critical to the success of our mission to help over 385,000 people in 35 counties throughout Alabama.

If you're watching this editorial, there's a good chance that a Montgomery Area Food Bank agency is in your city or county. If not, there should be.

Often times we hear of large corporate donations given to the Montgomery Area Food Bank. Those donations are critical to our operation, and we are so appreciative and humbled to be chosen. However, I'd like to thank those individuals who have consistently supported our mission. There are those who have given to the food bank $5 or $10 on a consistent basis. I want to tell you that you are making a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

So, I'm not here today with an open hand wanting to receive. I'm here with an extended hand to thank you for partnering with us as we "Feed Hope Across Alabama."

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