Editorial: Life is a right or wrong decision

Editorial: Life is a right or wrong decision

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This week represents the anniversary of the Supreme Court's legalization of abortion.

Roe vs Wade has been the center of political discourse between Republicans and Democrats since the Supreme Court's ruling. The Democrats and those labeled as left-leaning feel it is the right of a woman to choose whether or not they should have an abortion during their first trimester of pregnancy.

The Republicans, religious leaders and those leaning right feel abortions should be banned in this country because it is deemed the taking of a life.

It is interesting how the biased national media feels about this subject matter. There were thousands of people young and old who went to Washington on Friday to promote the right to life movement during the annual pro-life march. Representatives from Montgomery Catholic School attended and some of them actually were with the president in the Rose Garden. We provided coverage of this historic event here at WSFA, however, there was virtually no news coverage of the event nationally. On the other hand, you could not turn on the tv or wireless device and not see the massive coverage of the woman's march.

Why were they not both covered? I believe both are relevant but both deserved coverage. Heaven forbid this nation see its young people supporting the protection of life.

I personally believe abortions are morally wrong and am pro-life. I urge anyone challenged with the difficult decision of whether or not to abort a pregnancy to contact cope pregnancy center here in Montgomery and please do the right thing.

This is not a right or left decision. It is a right or wrong decision, we need to begin making the right decision about life.

The child you save will forever be grateful.

For more information about the Cope Pregnancy Center call, 334-264-9143.

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