Flu outbreak continues amid 2 deaths in Lee County

Flu outbreak continues amid 2 deaths in Lee County

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - The flu epidemic continues. Two Lee County residents have died after being treated for flu-like symptoms. Healthcare facilities there have been overflowing with patients with flu-like symptoms.

Doctors at Stopwatch Urgent Care say that between their three locations, they see about 200 new flu cases per day.

So how do you keep flu-like symptoms from becoming deadly? Doctors say fast treatment is key.

"Some folks have a debilitated immune system and they are more susceptible to infections such as the flu," says Stopwatch Urgent Care's Dr. Oscar Almeida. "So when the flu hits them, if they don't receive medical attention in a timely fashion, they will be at risk for progressing their illness and having a more severe illness, and could include death."

Dr. Almeida says to be cautious of the signs. Once you start experiencing symptoms, immediately seek medical help.

"Initially, someone will start having chills, body aches, and just doesn't feel well little by little. And then little by little, it will progress on to just breaking down their body's defenses.

As soon as you feel that you're coming down with these symptoms, don't wait. "Seek medical attention so that you can get ahead of it," Almeida says.

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