Twin sisters lead Samson High Lady Tigers to 24-2 season

LaTora and Latascya Duff. (Source: WSFA 12 News)
LaTora and Latascya Duff. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

SAMSON, AL (WSFA) - Twin sisters LaTascya and LaTora Duff have pretty set schedules their senior year.

"We just go to school, hoop, sleep," said LaTora.

The two are members of the Samson High Lady Tigers basketball team. The duo have helped lead Samson to a 24-2 record this season and the #1 ranking in Class 2A.

"When they are playing well, we play well," said head coach Chad McKnight. "When they're not, we tend to struggle a little bit. We really haven't ran into that this year as much. I think that's them being seniors and stepping up into a leadership role."

While they look and act alike, there's still parts of the others game they wish they had.

"She can handle the ball better than me and see the court better than I can," said LaTascya. "She's more of a point guard."

"She can shoot better, but we both bring a lot to the table," said LaTora.

They say that twin telepathy is a myth, but that doesn't stop them from knowing where the other is at on the court at all times.

"We just know how each other plays," said LaTora.

"We have chemistry. We've been playing with each other our whole life," said LaTascya.

I did, however, want to put their twin powers to the test and asked both, on the count of three, to say the first thing that popped in their head.

Their answer should surprise no one.


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