R2D2 Droid rolling into Montgomery

R2D2 Droid rolling into Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Steve Aderholt has always loved Star Wars but recently he took that love to a whole new level.

"I did some research and found there's an R2D2 builders club," said Aderholt.

So he made connections with people in the club, did his homework, and started building his own droid.

"It took about a year to find all the files, get the parts together, and start construction of it. The body is made of a plastic called styrene. The dome is made from aluminum. It has laser cut panels. It's a 1.1 scale so it's the same size as the one in the movies," Aderholt said.

Aderholt even used a 3D printer to make some of the parts. He wanted it to be exactly the same as the one in the movie.

"At first sight, it looked like it was going to be easy. But once I started putting it together it became more difficult."

Now it's safe to say R2 is part of the family.

"He's kind of like a second kid to us. We take him out with us when we go places," Aderholt said.

Aderholt admits he still has a lot of kid in him, and he hopes to encourage others to venture back to a galaxy far, far, away.

"Follow your dreams and do what's in your heart. If you decide to build something, do it. Don't give up," Aderholt said.

Aderholt took R2 to the most recent Star Wars movie. He also wants to take him to children's hospitals in Alabama to help cheer up kids. As for his next project, another droid, the BB8.

I'm sure it'll be exactly like the one in the movie.

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