Troy's Wesley Person looks to continue record-setting season

Troy's Wesley Person looks to continue record-setting season

TROY, AL (WSFA) - Troy guard Wesley Person has had a phenomenal season to date.

The senior from Brantley has already broken the Troy all-time scoring and the Sun Belt record for three-pointers made records.

"I didn't expect to have as much success as I've had this early in the season," said Person. "I knew at the beginning of the season I was close to breaking some records, but I thought it would take all 30 or so games to break it. I think I broke it in maybe 21 or 22 games. It has been a fun experience so far the season."

For Person, basketball is in his blood.

Both his father, Wes Person Sr., and his uncle, Chuck Person, we're veterans of the NBA and that's when Person's love for basketball began.

"Growing up my dad playing in the NBA and my uncle playing in the NBA, I've always been around basketball," said Person. "It was easy to catch on to."

Person has made over 325 three-pointers during his four-year career at Troy.

Person said it took hours and hours of practice to perfect his shot.

"What's comfortable for me is to turn my feet a little bit to the side, have my shoulders lined up with the rim, make sure I have my elbows in and my eyes are focused on the target," said Person. "That's how I prepare for each shot."

For those who know Person know that he rarely goes by the name Wes. Person has been called "Tatt" ever since his childhood and it's kind of stuck with him.

"It's a nickname of my grandma gave me," said Person. "When I got mad, I would say, 'Instead of that,' I would say, 'Tatt.' So my grandma just call me 'Tatt.'"

Record-wise the season has not been kind to the Trojans.

Troy is 9-13 on the season with nine games remaining. Despite getting off to a struggling start, Person isn't ready to hit the panic button just yet.

"We are not panicking yet," said Person. "You saw what we did last year and we pretty much have a lot of pieces from last year and we know we can go on a run and we have players in place to do so. Our coaches have been keeping that in our heads with what we did last year, but that wasn't our goal of the beginning of the year. Wanted to do well to begin the season, but we still have a team that can go on a run like that."

Troy will take on rival South Alabama on Saturday at 4:15 p.m. looking to end its two-game skid.

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