Fentanyl bill faces debate over weight

Fentanyl bill faces debate over weight

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The senate version of the Fentanyl bill, aimed at cracking down on those trafficking the drug, faced debate in committee.

The legislation would create a drug trafficking penalty for possession of 500 milligrams, or half a gram, of fentanyl. The penalty would be a class B felony, punishable by 25 to life in prison.

Opponents of the legislation are concerned the bill could lead to mass incarceration. Opponents say the bill includes "mixtures" of the drug can count in the weight. Heroin is usually laced with Fentanyl, and opponents are concerned drug addicts could be hit with the trafficking statue, never realizing they are taking amounts on the more dangerous drug.

Proponents point out there is a lower amount to get to trafficking, because of the potency of the drug.

500 milligrams is 166 lethal doses of Fentanyl. They say having a strong drug trafficking law, will help keep the drug off the streets.

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