Guest Editorial: It takes a village

Guest Editorial: It takes a village

By: Elton Dean

We all know the saying, it takes a village to raise a child. As Chairman of the Montgomery County Commission, I'm asking the citizens in this village of Montgomery to come together and help make a difference in our children's lives.

Recently Montgomery Public Schools received a low grade on its report card, scoring a D. By no means is that a grade to go bragging about, but instead of pointing fingers and placing blame, perhaps it's finally time to come together as a whole and help raise that grade. Just as students are required to do homework, we as a community need to do our homework, roll up our sleeves and help fix the problem. You and I must realize this is OUR public school system, these are OUR children and they are OUR future.

When businesses look at Montgomery County to serve as home, the first question asked is about the educated workforce. It is incumbent for us to create a prosperous public school system in Montgomery.

We all must be part of the solution. This means everyone – in every aspect of our community - we are all included in this village to provide the best life for ALL of our children.

Students and teachers of Montgomery Public Schools, know we are proud of you, we support you, and we are thankful for you. We will not rest until a change takes place, one for the better, resulting in a grade that makes all of us proud.

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