Tips on staying safe while on spring break

Tips on staying safe while on spring break
Check out these tips on staying safe while on spring break (Source: Pixabay images)

GULF SHORES, AL (WSFA) - As spring breakers from across the country head on vacation, there are some things you should keep in mind to keep you safe. ?

Fight Back on Spring Break, sponsored by Girls Fight Back, has some tips to keep you and your friends safe:

While traveling:

  • Take turns driving. Rotating drivers can ensure everyone stays rested. Fight Back on Spring Break suggest letting the person who is driving pick the music as a bonus.
  • Whoever sits shotgun should stay awake and keep the driver company. Two alert drivers are better than one.
  • Take a map. While everyone uses their phones for navigation these days, in some places your service can be spotty. Having a map is always a nice backup plan. There are also a number of apps your app store that don’t require an internet connection.
  • If you are traveling to a foreign country, take some time before your trip to familiarize yourself with basic road signs and rules of the road for that country.
  • Before leaving your hotel or place of stay, take a card from the front desk with the name, location and phone number just in case you need help getting back.
  • When using Uber or Lyft, you will see the driver’s name, license plate number, and photo on your phone when you request the ride. Check for a match when you ride arrives to be sure you are getting in the right car.

In the water:

  • Drinking and sun can equal a bad sunburn and an even worse hangover. The sun can also maximize the effects of alcohol.
  • Drink slow and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you begin to feel faint or light-headed, get to the shade immediately
  • Know the beach flag warning system for your location
  • Drinking in the hot tub is not as good of an idea as it sounds. Alcohol can dilate your blood vessels and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. The effects of alcohol are felt sooner and stronger in a hot tub and can lead to unconsciousness and drowning.

For more tips and resources, check out the Fight Back on Spring Break website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has a few recommendations:

Be Active: During spring break is a great time to take the opportunity to start a fitness program. Consider a variety of activities including walking, dancing, playing volleyball, swimming and more. Avoid being injured by starting any new activity slowly.

Plan a successful trip: If you are going on a trip, be prepared. Are vaccinations required? Are there special food, destination, or other things you need to consider ahead of time? If you are taking medications, do you have enough for the trip? Know what's happening en route or at your travel destination.

Know the ropes: When swimming and boating, know what's expected and what you can do to prevent injury or death for yourself and others. Wear your life jacket while boating. Avoid alcoholic beverages while boating. Also look into completing a boating education course and participate in the vessel safety check program.

Check out additional tips and more from the CDC by clicking this link.

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