Upskirting victims push to fill loophole in Alabama law - Montgomery Alabama news.

Upskirting victims push to fill loophole in Alabama law


Taking a picture or video of a person's intimate body parts without consent could soon be a crime in Alabama. A bill to criminalize so-called upskirting passed the Senate and moves to the House for a final vote.

All U.S. states prohibit photography of individuals in a place like a dressing room where they can expect privacy. More than half also ban upskirting in a public place.

Alabama's bill would make upskirting a misdemeanor or, if images are shared with sexual intent, a felony. Perpetrators under 16 wouldn't face a felony. The bill also exempts Department of Corrections officers who conduct strip searches.

Sen. Clyde Chambliss, a Republican, introduced the legislation after two women were victims of upskirting in stores in 2017.

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