Editorial: Sweeping change

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When acting State Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson laid out the details of the takeover of the Montgomery Public Schools, I am certain you were as disgusted as I.

Out of the 50 MPS schools graded, 33 of them received either a D or an F Grade. Of course, the magnet schools were the highest performers.

The image of Montgomery is tarnished by this report, but thankfully the state is providing an intervention, I just hope it is not too late. But how did this happen?

One problem is the Montgomery Public School Board. How could anyone with a track record as bad as theirs run for re-election?

Thankfully, District 2's Durden Dean and District 3's Eleanor Dawkins have decided not to seek re-election. So, five of the seven school board seats are up for re-election. In fact, I think the other five members should join Dean and Dawkin's lead and should resign, even those not up for re-election.

There is a new slate of candidates running in Districts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Those running for re-election are Robert Porterfield, the board president and board members Melissa Snowden and Dr. Lesa Keith.

These current board members need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves this question: Are the Montgomery Area children who attend public schools better because of the leadership and service I provided?

Unless they are delusional the answer, of course, is no, and, in some cases, they are worse off.  That's not to say some did not try but it is time to pass the baton.

I kindly ask that these individuals take the high road and not run again. If they choose to run, I ask that the voters of Montgomery think about our children's future and give others the opportunity to improve this serious problem.

I believe the only way we can improve our schools is to improve our school's leadership with sweeping changes.

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