House passes Sadie Grace Andrews Bill after 3-year-old perished in grease trap

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The entire House chamber gave a standing ovation to Corrie Andrews after passing a bill named after her daughter, Sadie Grace, 99-0.

"The emotion that rushed to me when they all stood in honor of our daughter and to honor us is something I can't even put into words," Corrie Andrews said.

The bill is simple. It would require covers to be placed on grease traps to prevent someone from falling through. The legislation comes after tragedy, when 3-year-old Sadie Grace Andrews fell into a grease trap at a local Brusters and drowned.

"I'm not glad for why I'm here, but I'm honored with how they honored our daughter," Andrews said. "Because she will be remembered, she will be remembered. Just grateful, I don't know what else to say."

Tuesday was an emotional day for Andrews, but she hopes the legislation can save thousands of lives and inspire other states with similar issues.

"It's my prayer personally that I will make a difference," Andrews said.

She said she was comforted knowing she will see Sadie again in heaven. Andrews expressed how important her faith was to her in getting through this tough time.

"We only get so many chances in life to make a difference and our days are numbered," she said.

With the bill passing, and likely to be signed by the governor in the coming weeks, this bill certainly may save lives in the future.

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