City of Selma currently operating without a budget

City of Selma currently operating without a budget
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - The historic city of Selma is currently operating without a budget.

Mayor Darrio Melton says the responsibility to pass a budget falls on the shoulders of the city council.

"The law states the mayor provides suggestions on what I think we need, because I'm in the best position to determine the day-to-day operations, but ultimately the council is responsible for the budget of the city," said Melton.

Just one week with no budget in place the city is already feeling the impact.

"Right now the executive office hands are tied to execute and render services to the community here in Selma," said Melton. "Basically if the counsel doesn't move forward they are saying they want to shut the city down."

The city was operating off of the 2016-2017 budget, but the 90-day extension passed last year expired Feb. 28. The council can either vote to continue operating off last year's budget or vote on the mayor's Feb. 2 proposed budget of $16.8 million with $1.1 million for a gr ant reimbursement.

"The council made it plain and simple they will not raise any new revenue. We cut to the tune of 30 percent and some department up to 50 percent," said Melton.

With the citizens paying the price for this delay, Melton is hoping the council will make the responsible choice for those they represent.

"Citizens should greatly be concerned as they are already witnessing and experiencing that we don't have resources for trash trucks to pick up trash and the city to repair streets inside the city. I'm urging the council to expeditiously move forward to vote on the budget that was given to them," said Melton.

Council President Corey Bowie tells WSFA the council will address and vote specifically on this issue regarding the budget during a special called meeting Friday at 1 p.m. at city hall in the council chambers.

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