Editorial: The post office...sigh

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I must say the editorial that I have received the most responses was the one regarding the US Postal Service. I had so many notes from viewers giving their examples of how the Post Office had not delivered for them.

I was in a restaurant recently and was approached by two postal workers. I thought, this is not going to be good, and yet the two gentlemen could not have been more pleasant. They offered their thoughts on what might have happened and we shared a couple laughs and we went our separate ways.

So people keep asking me…did you ever get your package…the answer is no. My "acquaintance" spent three different sessions on hold with the customer service line the first two were over two hours and the one they finally answered lasted 1.5 hours  All of this just to be told the package is in Atlanta and most likely in the "dead mail" file. They indicated we most likely would never see it.

I also received an overnight letter from the post office addressing my editorial. The letter never apologized for their losing our package, but it did go on to expound on all of the new technologies and equipment they have installed to improve customer service and delivery.

Maybe they should send it to their staff. I also found it amusing how their letter to me got to me in one day.

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