New high tech vests aiding doctors in tracking abnormal heartbeats

New high tech vests aiding doctors in tracking abnormal heartbeats
Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, according to the American Heart Association. (Source: WSFA 12 News File Photo)

WSFA/NBC - Doctors have a new way to map the heart and track deadly abnormal heartbeats that uses technology, worn like a vest by patients.

It's called Cardioinsight, a vest created from electrodes that maps a patient's heart from the outside in and officials say it's very accurate.

Cardiologist Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad said, "If you're tracking someone who's staying on the phone you can tell where the neighborhood is, this gives us the apartment. It actually utilizes the patient's own anatomy. so in other words, the patient has a ct scan, so we can see exactly what that patient's heart looks like, because every patient's heart looks a little differently,"

Right now, doctors only have 12 electrodes to look inside a patient's heart. With the cardio vest, doctors can have more than 250, and there are only 11 hospitals across the country that have it.

"Right now, we're putting catheters into the heart. Maybe in the future, we may be able to focus energy on arrhythmias non-invasively," said Al-Ahmad.

This vest might be the perfect fit for that.

Patients usually wear the cardio vest for a few minutes in a lab or doctor's office but with extended wear throughout the day, doctors say it could show them an abnormal heartbeat in action, and how it affects each patient.

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