College students learn food can work like medicine

College students learn food can work like medicine
It's like a combination of cooking and healing (Source: Pixabay)

WSFA/NBC - It's like a combination of cooking and healing.

"We hope that this transforms their lives as well so they can improve the lives of others," said Debbie Gillespie with the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

The class is called Culinary Medicine. During a six week course, TCU senior students studying to become dietitians, teach medical students how nutrition can be just as powerful as medicine.

"The research shows us that about 30 percent don't even talk about food because they don't really have a vocabulary around it or they don't feel comfortable doing it," Gillespie said.

Medical students usually only take a few nutrition courses but science has shown food can lead to better health. For example, diet and exercise can reverse Type 2 Diabetes. This class focused on the Mediterranean diet which is known to decrease inflammation in the body.

"There are so many studies that show if people follow the Mediterranean Diet that they do reduce their risk for disease," said Anne Vanbeber with the Nutritional Science Program at Texas Christian University.

So with healthcare costs, chronic disease, and ER visits on the rise, professors so a healthy diet is a cost-effective way to reduce all of that. And it all starts in the kitchen.

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