Editorial: Prepare now and be safe later

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As those in Jacksonville, Alabama experienced just this week, severe weather strikes quickly.

We here at WSFA 12 News provide you the necessary warnings and lifesaving information leading up to and during severe weather but with all that,  Josh, Eric, Amanda, and Vernon cannot physically be at your homes to help you. So, it is important that you have a severe weather plan in place to protect your family and loved ones.

Along with your plan, make sure you know your safe place, have an emergency supply kit, our news and weather apps on your cell phone, you can watch our severe weather coverage and newscasts on your phone, with our apps, as well as a weather radio. Designate a meeting point in case you get separated. Photograph all your belongings and store the photos in a safety deposit box or safe. Have bottled water and nonperishable food for you and your pets. Charge those cell phones and fuel up the cars and propane tanks.

Take the necessary steps now to plan and prepare for severe weather. These simple steps better your chances of getting through a storm safely.

Remember, things can be replaced, lives cannot.

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