Hurricane Katrina brings evacuees To Selma

The way Katrina tracked led many people to believe that West Central Alabama would see near hurricane force winds. WSFA News Reporter, Chris Holmes says, in Selma he saw several wind gusts of up to 27 miles per hour and some sustained winds of 21 miles per hour.

He says keep in mind he was sheltered in downtown buildings and outside Selma it was rougher. All that wind didn't stop government workers getting ready for the recovery efforts fema earlier Monday had several dozen tractor trailers parked at Craig Field filled with food,water,and immediate necessities.  They're now gone and dispatched to the hardest hit areas. For the last few weeks...Selma has hosted a huge parking lot filled with RV styled camper trailers.

They were set aside for people whose homes were destroyed in disasters like Katrina. A New Orleans contractor said they would be especially needed in Louisiana.