People living in Reeltown believe a tornado touched down causing major damage

Another possible twister touched down Monday afternoon in Tallapoosa County, just outside of Tallassee. Trees are down, power is out, and anxiety is up in the area just off county road 49. Earlier Monday people who live there said they saw and heard a tornado touch down. The winds were strong there apparently snapping trees like twigs. A little farther out amongst the debris, a fishing boat was blown from a pond 30-40 yards away. Behind the fishing boat, a hunting club in the area sustained moderate damage to the roof line. Along County Road 49  people say the path of destruction goes back at least five miles. There are power lines down all over the place. People who live in this area are working to clear the debris so that they and their neighbors can get back to their homes. The good news is, it doesn't appear that anyone was hurt.