Editorial: The post office, again

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Here I go again with my fourth editorial on the post office.

You may remember I am still awaiting a package lost in the mail. Well, I have to tell you I have discovered the package had my correct name on the mailing label, but the address was wrong and there was no return address. So, shame on my friend for not addressing the package correctly and my apologies to the Post office for chastising them for not delivering said package.

But wait a minute, if you recall, my first editorial on this subject addressed the lack of customer service my acquaintance had received when we were seeking the whereabouts of the package. Now, you are probably wondering how I found out the package was addressed incorrectly. I know this because a postal service employee sent me a rather terse letter shaming me for not pointing out that the friend who mailed me the gift had failed in addressing the package correctly.

How would I have known this?

I confirmed that this was true because this same postal employee who wrote the letter sent the picture of the package with my wrong address and no return address. This same individual chose not to sign the letter or provide a return address.

The good news for them is that their letter took one day to come to me. The bad news is if they have a photo of my box, they have the tracking number and obviously know how where to reach me. Why not just deliver the package.

Again, mistakes happen, but it's obvious, the U.S. Postal service needs some help in improving customer service.

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