Is flu season nearing an end?

Is flu season nearing an end?
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In January the flu outbreak forced Gov. Kay Ivey to issue a state public health emergency. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control flu season looks to be nearing an end.

"We have gotten through the harder times and we are seeing a great decline," said Dr. Burnestine Taylor with Alabama Department of Public Health.

The CDC Influenza Surveillance Report for week 11 ending March 17, 2018, shows there is only a handful of states remaining that are high activity. Alabama no longer is in that category.

"Fortunately, Alabama has been downgraded to low activity," said Dr. Taylor.

Dr. Shaikh Wahid says he has seen a d rop in the number of flu cases he is treating at Your Doctor's Office on Vaughn Road.

"I haven't seen any positive flu patients in the last week," said Dr. Wahid.

Early in the season the predominant strain was A, but now it appears the predominant strain is B.

"Every season at the end of the year we have more 'B's," said Dr. Wahid.

Health officials with the ADPH point out just because you had one strain doesn't mean you can't get the other.

"If you have had the flu shot or vaccine, the chances are you will have a much milder case," said Taylor.

As always to protect you and your family there are easy precaution you can take.

"Wash your hands, stay home if you are ill, seek medical attention if you have a fever of symptoms that don't improve," Dr. Taylor said.

According to the ADPH the state has had three influenza-associated pediatric deaths reported from Oct. 1, 2017, through March 17, 2018. There have been 140 potential influenza-associated non-pediatric deaths reported between Jan. 11 and March 24, 2018 in Alabama. Of the complete investigations, 74 are laboratory confirmed, 36 are by physician diagnosis only and 30 are unknown.

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