Editorial: A very special young man

PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - Every now and then you hear a story that moves you and gives you hope for mankind.

Our station recently covered such a story about a young boy who attended Pike Road Elementary School. Sadly, this boy tragically passed away last fall.  His name was Aubrey and though I am convinced he is now in heaven, he was truly an angel for the 10 short years he blessed us while here on earth.

The story surrounds Aubrey's lunch card at school and how it was always empty even though his mom constantly replenished it.  He would tell his mom he was purchasing lunch for classmates who did not have lunch or money to purchase a meal. To further define just how special Aubrey was, his mom noted Aubrey's biggest concern was he was not going to be able to shine enough to help everyone.

This was a 10-year-old young boy with a heart bigger than himself.

There is no doubt Aubrey was raised by parents who also cared about others, but at such a young age there was something special about him to have so much love for others.

Aubrey's parents want to continue his kindness and have kept his lunch card filled. We also have the opportunity to help keep Aubrey's memory of kindness alive by donating to the Aubrey Lunch Fund by calling Pike Road Elementary School at 334-420-5310.

Just 10 years on earth and Aubrey has left a lifetime message of kindness. Please donate.

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