Editorial: Help the people hurting people

Editorial: Help the people hurting people

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Shootings of any kind are horrible. When shootings involve our children in schools, it makes the situation that much more difficult to digest.

Directly after any of the recent school shootings, there is an outcry for a ban on guns or a ban on assault rifles. A rational often used by those seeking gun control is that the Founding Fathers knew only about muskets and pistols and they would have never considered the right to bear arms to include automatic weapons.

I do not agree with this belief. I feel the founding fathers were a progressive group of men and their forward thinking was to guarantee the citizens of this country personal safety. I sense if they were around today they would not change the law.

The individuals causing these horrific shootings are suffering and obviously need or needed help. If a ban on automatic weapons did occur, these people would find other means to make their point and take lives. Their objective is solely to take lives.

This country is as great as it is in part because of the bill of rights. Changing the gun laws will not change these troubled individuals as they will pursue their evil agendas regardless.

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