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Possible metal pieces found in Pedigree dog food, woman says


A Henrico woman says she found what looks to be metal pieces in her dog’s food. 

Christie May purchased a bag of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition grilled steak with vegetables last week at a Richmond-area grocery store.

She says when she opened it, she found little black pieces sticking out of the kibble.

“It almost looks like hair or wires, and when I was touching one of them, it stuck to my finger,” said May. “I can’t imagine that in a dog’s intestines.” 

May has reached out to Pedigree, who she says asked her to fill out a questionnaire about what she found. May says she’s been feeding her black lab, Duncan, Pedigree food since he was a puppy.

Now, after switching to a different brand of food, she says she's already noticed a difference in how Duncan eats.

A look on the Pedigree Facebook page shows a post where a woman says she found pieces of plastic in her dog’s food. 

The company’s response said:

“Thanks for reaching out. As loving pet owners too, we are dedicated to manufacturing high quality, nutritious pet food – and safety is our first priority. Because our dry foods are made with meat and bone meal, it's possible for natural fibers like pork or beef hair to appear in the finished kibble. We'd love to learn more, so please send us a message when you get a chance.”

An article on Snopes from 2015 also detailed numerous claims of the same findings in the company's dog food. Currently, the claims are still listed as "undetermined" on the site. 

Previously, in 2014, Pedigree issued a limited recall due to metal fragments in the food. However, the company claimed the pieces of metal were not embedded in the food itself. 

In response to May's claim, the company issued a very similar statement to what was posted on its Facebook page:

As loving pet owners ourselves, we are dedicated to manufacturing high quality, nutritious pet food, and safety is our top priority. Similar to other pet food manufacturers, our dry foods are made with ingredients like meat and bone meal. It’s possible for natural fibers such as pork or beef hairs to appear in finished kibble. It is absolutely safe to feed our pets. 

We have heard from Ms. May and are working with her directly on her concern. We take every consumer concern very seriously and encourage anyone with a question to contact us.

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