East Alabama belly dancing group to perform in Auburn Saturday

East Alabama belly dancing group to perform in Auburn Saturday
(Source: Firefly Nights Belly Dance)

Saturday night, Auburn residents have the opportunity to take in a stage production near them. Masterpieces: A Theatrical Belly Dance Production will be held at the Jan Dempsey Arts Center.

"Often we find that our shows may be the first real exposure an audience member has to belly dance," said Firefly Nights Director Alex Johnson. "So we love taking something like visual art that feels familiar to most people and then adding this element of the unexpected. When you look at a painting, there's so much room for personal interpretation. That's true with belly dance, too, from the music to the costumes to the emotions you convey through the dance."

This year will be Firefly Dance Nights' third annual theatrical show. The previous shows focused on fairy tales and mythology.

According to Firefly Dance Nights, members write their own choreography and makes the production completely original.

Saturday's show will depict mostly well-known paintings and statues but there will also be a flair of Auburn in the production as well, says one of the members.

"Almost everyone in Auburn knows Self Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers), Alex Podesta's sculpture of two men dressed as bunnies in the lake in front of the Jule Collins Smith Museum," said Firefly Nights member Jenn Mason. "We couldn't bring a show about art to the stage here and not feature the most talked-about work of art in town, so the bunny men have a fun cameo appearance."

Saturday's show begins at 7 p.m. General admission tickets will be $18 at the door. The Firefly Dance Nights production troupe originates in East Alabama.

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