Editorial: A true line was drawn in the sand

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In 2012 President Barack Obama drew the infamous red line in the sand against Syria's President Bashar- AL Assad. The line, according to Obama was regarding chemical weapons.

President Obama then stated if Assad should ever again use chemical weapons in warfare, especially on his own people, the United States would respond militarily. A chemical weapons attack from Assad did happen a year later from that point, killing 1,500 people. And yet the United States never responded with military action.

I believe this lack of action sent a message to Assad and those like Assad that we need not fear the US. Last week Syria, still under the Assad regime, once again launched another chemical attack on its own citizens.

President Donald Trump, having already once sent a missile barrage onto Syria last year, did so again on Friday. This time we did so in a joint effort with France and Britain.

While I have disagreed with our president on a host of different things, this military action was the right thing to do. As a leader of the strongest nation in the world, when you draw a line in the sand you have to back it up or you won't be the strongest for long.

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