Bailey visits more classrooms, meets Greenville mayor

Bailey visits more classrooms, meets Greenville mayor
Bailey had another big week! (Source: Service Dogs Alabama)

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - This was a week of traveling for Service Dogs Alabama and WSFA 12 News puppy Bailey.

First, it was back to Greenville to meet Mayor Dexter McLendon. When Bailey arrived at the town hall, she immediately drew a crowd. Everyone wanted to meet Bailey.

"It was a pleasure to meet Bailey. She is so beautiful and smart. What a wonderful purpose she has," said McLendon.

After leaving the town hall, Bailey visited WO Palmer and Greenville Elementary. There, she visited Mrs. Hickman's Third Grade and Mrs. Pierce's First Grade classes. The children were all very excited to see Bailey and to learn about her journey of becoming a service dog.

This visit was another great opportunity for Bailey to get classroom experience. Bailey walked down the school halls with loud children all around her, but she stayed focused on her job.

The WO Palmer Elementary special education teacher heard about Bailey being in the school and requested that she visit her class. It was Bailey's first experience being around children with disabilities.

Special education teacher Mrs. Booker said, "I can't believe how calm Bailey is with all the noises and distractions. We are so excited that she could stop by and visit our class,"

Bailey was back at WSFA for her monthly update on TV. Each time she visits, she meets a new friend and member of the WSFA news staff. Meteorologist Vernon Turner was very excited to be able to meet her. Everyone was very impressed with how Bailey is progressing and enjoyed getting to see her.

Later in the week, Bailey visited the Service Dogs Alabama Guice Slawson Training Complex. She was able to meet a few trained service dogs and their families. Bailey enjoyed seeing what she will be when her training is complete.

It will be another big and eventful week coming up for Bailey, so be sure to check back next week to see where she has been and what she has done.

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