Montgomery woman finds tax documents while out running

Montgomery woman finds tax documents while out running

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A shocking discovery was made by one Montgomery woman while she was jogging on the side of the road. Usually when Angela Vines runs, she says she's in her zone, but one day last week, she was stopped.

"When I picked it up it was someone's tax papers," Vines said.

It was a packet filled with a woman's personal tax forms.

"Where they live, where they work. Who they claim," said Vines. "I was like... 'Wow!'" she said.

Shocked, she kept running a few more feet, until.

"I seen another piece of paper that was folded over," Vines said.

This time it was information belonging to a man.

"His name twice and his social security number twice," she said. "That really bothered me."

She said she tried multiple times to contact the woman whose information was in the packet but Vines never got a response. Vines reached out to WSFA 12 News, and we were then able to get in contact with the woman. Her son has since come to pick up the documents, also shocked, "very blown away" he said.

His mother however, had a different feeling.

"Really distraught. Not really knowing what's going on," said son Eric Dunn.

"She's been a victim of identity theft before in the past, so for something like this to happen, it just made her really uneasy again," Dunn said.

Dunn said he and his mother are thankful that Vines was the person who found the information. He said he expects his mother will take action concerning the company she hired to file her taxes.

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