Summer shaping up to be painful at the gas pump

Summer shaping up to be painful at the gas pump

WSFA/NBC - High fuel prices have a lot of people taking a second look at their credit card bill. Drivers are going to see more money coming out of their budget for gas.

World oil prices are climbing, gas taxes are up, and we're about to be paying for a more expensive summer blend of gas. Add it together and this could be a painful summer at the pump.

"I looked at the price and thought, I've got to watch where I go now. I've got to watch where I travel," admitted driver Rolando Alwaque.

And people will be watching where they fill up their tank. Low-cost stations like Costco may see longer lines, while nearby stations charging 20 and 50 cents more a gallon may be forced to lower their prices.

Either way, drivers will once again be looking for cheaper ways to travel, whether driving more fuel-efficient cars or simply readjusting their travel plans.

"I'll continue doing what I do, I'll just rethink how I do it," said Sandi Ferguson.

If I have to make errands, I combine them," Alwaque added.

Some cities in the US are expected to see prices of over $4.00 per gallon this summer.

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