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Police advise homeowners to remain alert, even after burglary suspects caught

Hoover Police arrested these three burglary suspects (Source: Hoover PD) Hoover Police arrested these three burglary suspects (Source: Hoover PD)
Officer Brian Hale (Source: WBRC) Officer Brian Hale (Source: WBRC)
Jason Bailey (Source: WBRC) Jason Bailey (Source: WBRC)

Homeowners are resting a bit easier now that three suspected burglars have been caught.

The three men, Marco Shakur Anderson, Abraham Christian Lewis Jr. and Marquel Rashad Honeycutt, are accused of breaking into multiple homes in Hoover and Vestavia Hills.

Some of those burglaries happened in January.

One of these suspects is actually from Hoover, and was familiar enough with the area to keep coming back for more. 

"They did it in January and got away with it. And that was months ago," said Country Club Highlands Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Jason Bailey. "And they're going, 'Hey, this is easy pickings.'  But, their time would come."

And it did.

Last week the three men were arrested right after police said they tried to break into a Hoover home. 

"He was at home and he was in his living room," said Hoover police officer Brian Hale. "He looks out his back window and there is one of the suspects, wearing a dark hoodie, peering in, looking to see if anybody is home."

The homeowner yelled as the suspect ran into his getaway car, but not before the homeowner got his plate number.

Hoover police spotted the car in Vestavia Hills and pulled the suspects over, only to find out the three had broken into homes in both areas shortly before. 

"Heck, they went and robbed another house. I mean they're not even smart enough to go, 'Hey, somebody saw us. Let's get out of the neighborhood.' They went and robbed another house," said Bailey. 

Officer Hale said two of the suspects, Anderson and Lewis, are connected with nine burglaries in both Vestavia Hills and Hoover back in January.

But just because these suspects were caught, doesn't mean homeowners should let their guards down. 

Officer Hale said your animals can be your four-legged alarm system on top of your already installed alarm system. 

"Leave a TV on," he suggested. "Leave the stereo on. Maybe, in a stereo, put a CD of a barking dog and have it play while you're gone. Have intermittent timers hooked up to different appliances or lights."

And last but not least, install surveillance cameras, which were definitely helpful in getting these crooks off the streets. 

Officer Hale said the key is to not only have one way of security - use multiple techniques.

He said investigators think there could be a total of four suspects involved. If you have information, call Hoover police at 205-822-5300. 

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