Bama Bloodhounds on the way

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - The birthing room is ready. So is mamma. Now it's just a waiting game but this isn't your typical birth.

"I'm very apprehensive," said Donna Wilson. "It's just excitement, nervous, you want everything to go right,"

We don't know the exact number of babies on the way, but it's a lot.

"This is Lilly, our first Alabama mother," Wilson said.

Wilson runs 832 K9's Deputy Dogs. They breed, raise, and train bloodhounds to be more than pets. The non-profit was started by Duke Snodgrass and his wife. Their son was a sheriff's deputy who worked with a bloodhound. He was killed in an accident and the family just knew they had to do something. His badge number was 832.

"We started with just one dog to try to keep his name and badge number alive," said Duke Snodgrass, founder of 832 K9's Deputy Dogs.

So Lilly is about to make history. She will soon give birth to eight or nine baby bloodhounds, their first litter to be delivered in Alabama. They have dogs helping find missing people and tracking down criminals all over the world.

"We have them in Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, one in Washington, Alaska, we have dogs in Switzerland," said Wilson.

They aren't pets, most of them will be trained officers.

"We start evaluating them the day they are born," said Snodgrass. "By the second day if you bottle feed the pups, when you walk in and they smell that odor they will pick their heads up. They can't hear or see but they use this (their nose), and that's what we're looking for,"

They have trained over 250 canine officers and they often get calls from their handlers of success stories. Just think, a new group of crime-fighting canines from right here in our own backyard in Wetumpka and you can help.

Once the dogs are eight weeks old they need foster families. You would keep the dog for about six months and just take them with you everywhere you go. The goal is to get them used to different sounds and surroundings and ready for their next assignment.

Lilly is due on Saturday. We'll make sure to share the pictures.

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