Editorial: AEA thankfully loses

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Supreme Court, thankfully, sided with Interim State Education Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson, granting him the right to proceed with the sale of Georgia Washington Middle School.

The sale of this underutilized school building will be the source of much need funds to minimize the number of school employees who would have been laid off otherwise. There is no doubt in my mind Ed Richardson's overall plan with the selling of school property was for the benefit of the employees and, equally important, the students of MPS.

I am not certain what the overall objection and cause of the lawsuit from the Alabama Education Association was meant to accomplish. There is no way they could think that the outcome they wanted would have been beneficial to the students or teachers of MPS, which I believe should be their sole purpose of existence.

Thankfully, the Alabama Supreme Court helped in thwarting the efforts of the AEA. The AEA, of course, is the same group who funded the effort to smear and discredit Bradley Byrne's run for Governor as they supported Robert Bentley. I think we all remember how that turned out.  ?

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