Shortage of EpiPens prompts concerns

Shortage of EpiPens prompts concerns
Parents are concerned after reports of an EpiPen shortage (Source: NBC File Video)

WSFA/NBC - Reports of EpiPen shortages have raised concerns among parents worried their children will be left without life-saving allergy treatments but there are alternatives and other ways you can protect your family in an emergency.

The Food and Drug Administration says there are temporary, spot shortages of the drug used to treat severe allergic reactions to things like peanuts and bee stings. It's still possible to get an EpiPen but it might take a little longer.

There are things you can do in the meantime:

Check the expiration date of your current device. Start the process of getting a new one now if it's about to expire.

Get a different epinephrine auto-injector. There's no shortage of the Auvi-Q device and it contains the same medication as an EpiPen. If you switch to the Auvi-Q, make sure you're familiar with how it works. Different devices work in slightly different ways and an emergency is the worst time to figure that out.

Another brand of epinephrine, called Adrenaclick is also experiencing temporary supply and distribution issues.

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