Millbrook woman delivers cautionary tale after receiving scam call

Millbrook woman delivers cautionary tale after receiving scam call
Jean Landingham says a call sounded so legitimate, professional and convincing. It turned out to be the opposite. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - Jean Landingham has a story to share with a cautionary tale.

"When I hung up, I had other thoughts. Medicare had never heard of this program," said Landingham.

So does Susan Moncrief, who manages an apartment complex in Millbrook.

"I was upset because your first inclination is, 'Oh these are great people,'" said Moncrief.

The owners requested we not identify the apartments for this story.

Moncrief initially got the call from a woman claiming to represent a medical screening company called Quana's. Moncrief forwarded the call to Landingham, who not only lives in the Millbrook apartment complex, but is the appointed event scheduler.

"The caller was smooth and thorough," Landingham recalled.

The pitch? Quana's wanted to set up a medical screening event in the meeting room at the apartments,  a screening that would include taking a swab of a person's mouth to determine if there is cancer.

"Bring your Medicaid card, your driver's license and your insurance card," Landingham remembered the female saying.

It was another resident who felt something didn't sound right. Moncrief began to have doubts herself and started checking around.

"Why would there be MRIs and scans if it was a simple swabbing your mouth?" Moncrief wondered.

"Medicare said they can swab your mouth for DNA but they can't swab your mouth for cancer and we're not going to pay for it," said Landingham.

Moncrief quickly canceled the event and in doing so, she protected more than 60 residents like Jean Landingham. Moncrief said she called the woman back and once she explained she could find no information on Quana's, the Quana's rep reportedly met Moncrief's conclusion with silence and hung up.

Lesson learned and a reminder. In this case, the would-be con artist got outsmarted by a neighbor who followed her gut.

Landingham never gave out her personal information but admitted this was a reminder to beware.

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