Multiple street signs disappear in Goshen

Multiple street signs disappear in Goshen
The town of Goshen wants its stolen signs returned. (Source: WSFA 12 News file photo)

GOSHEN, AL (WSFA) - Street signs are disappearing in the small Pike County town of Goshen, and authorities are looking for help pointing them in the right direction to find those responsible for the thefts.

Over a two day period, town officials say at least 11 signs for specific street names have been stolen.

"While individuals may simply see it as a prank or a moment of bad judgement, this type activity affects numerous individuals and raises concern," the town said on its Facebook page. "This type activity leads to delayed response from PCSO, Goshen Fire Department, as well as, Haynes Ambulance in the event of an emergency that could mean life or death for someone."

Reports for each sign have been filed with the Pike County Sheriff's Office.

The town is making an offer to the suspect: Turn over the signs within five days and there will be no questions asked.

If the perpetrator/s doesn't hand over the stolen property in that time frame, signs indicate they'll become the focus of a sheriff's office investigation and prosecution.

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