Alabama's workforce partners respond to assist Katrina victims

The following information has been provided by the Alabama Governor's Office:

MONTGOMERY – Governor Bob Riley and Dr. Tim Alford, Director of Alabama's Office of Workforce Development, announced today that Alabama 's Workforce Development partners are committing resources to assist Hurricane Katrina victims through the cooperation of local, state and federal agencies.

"When we consolidated Alabama 's workforce training programs a couple of years ago, we made it easier for individuals and employers to access information. Now this easier access is also going to benefit storm victims in finding jobs and receiving unemployment benefits. We've made a variety of assistance available that will help them find work, receive job training and file for unemployment compensation," Governor Riley said.

Among the services being provided are:

Filing of Unemployment Compensation Claims:

Alabama residents as well as Mississippi and Louisiana evacuees in Alabama may file unemployment claims by calling the following toll-free numbers: To file an unemployment claim: (866) 234-5382 For inquiries/questions related to unemployment: (800) 361-4524 For the hearing impaired: (800) 499-2035 Claimants are automatically registered with the Alabama State Employment Service when they file their unemployment claim and are not required to visit a career center to register for work.

Temporary Jobs for Clean-up and Relief in Alabama Disaster Counties:

Individuals who reside in those Alabama counties which have been declared disaster areas and who have lost their jobs due to Hurricane Katrina may be eligible to work in the clean-up and restoration of public areas or in relief shelters. Contact the nearest career center. For the location of the nearest career center, call toll-free (877) US2-JOBS (877-872-5627) (877-889-5627 TTY). Job seekers may also register for work at the job search website:

Labor Exchange for Alabama Employers, Hurricane Victims and Evacuees: 

For hurricane evacuees to find work or for employers to find workers, contact the nearest career center or call toll-free (866) 767-8103. For the location of the nearest career center, call toll-free (877) US2-JOBS (877-872-5627) (877-889-5627 TTY). Employers and jobseekers may register at

Enrollment in Community College:

Mississippi and Louisiana residents who evacuated and were enrolled in a community college in their home state may enroll in a community college in Alabama for free. For information regarding enrollment in a community college, call (866) 767-8103 or in Montgomery call (334) 242-2900.

Job Training for Evacuees:

Job training for evacuees can be provided with a federal grant that has been secured from the U.S. Department of Labor by the Alabama Office of Workforce Development. The purpose of this grant is to provide short-term training for eligible evacuees who may need such training to work in one of Alabama 's high-growth occupations. For more information, call toll-free (866) 767-8103.