4-year-old has all too real reaction to fake pockets

4-year-old has all too real reaction to fake pockets
Livy Lou shows distain for fake pockets in Facebook video (Source: Jennie Pratt Sumner)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Four-year-old Livy Lou planned to start a new rock collection but was not happy when she discovered her new pockets were fake.

The Montgomery, Alabama girl's reaction was caught on a video that her mom posted to Facebook.

In the post, Jennie Pratt Sumner said she went to record her daughter walking up the stairs to school and captured her reaction to learning her pockets were fake instead.

"It seems the disdain for fake pockets starts early," Sumner wrote.

Sumner says after Livy Lou realized her shorts didn't have real pockets she sat on the side of the staircase and refused to move.

This isn't the first time a mom has taken to social media, voicing the aggravation for the lack of usable pockets in girl clothing. Heather Kaczynski tweeted her 3-year-old "has resorted to putting things down her shirt because of the lack of usable pockets. Come on. Pockets for girls please."

Kaczynski's viral tweet sparked reaction and conversation from women across the country who say this isn't just a problem with girl's clothing.

Actress and mom Reese Witherspoon shared Kaczynski's tweet to Instagram, echoing the need for usable pockets in female clothing:

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