Guest Editorial: Get out and vote!

Guest Editorial: Get out and vote

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I'm Todd Strange, Mayor of Montgomery. Next Tuesday, June 5, voters across Alabama will go to the polls and cast ballots in a number of important political races.

The statewide contests get the headlines but voters in Montgomery should also pay close attention to the five seats up for grabs on the local Board of Education. It is not an exaggeration to say that, "so goes education, so goes Montgomery!" That's how strong the connection is between any community and its school system.

Without good schools, it will become more and more difficult to attract companies to Montgomery that offer high paying 21st century jobs. Without good schools, families won't move to Montgomery. Our military will look elsewhere for missions.

Right now, too many of our schools are not meeting standards based on evaluations by the State Board of Education. The system's accreditation status is in jeopardy.

Read what the accreditation agency said about our Board's efforts; pretty dismal. If we lose accreditation, the consequences would be felt by graduating seniors for years.

Our schools did not get this way overnight, nor will they be quickly repaired.

The first step in turning our schools around begins on Election Day.

Research the candidates closely.  Attend forums. Cast an informed vote on Tuesday.

Do it for our City. Do it for our kids!

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