3 Democrats running in primary for MPS Board District 2

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Five of the seven seats on the Montgomery Public School Board are up for grabs this election. Voters in District 2 will find three new names on the Democratic ballot.

Brenda Irby, Misty Messick, and Clare Weil all have very different backgrounds, and they all say that's what qualifies them for the job.

"I know how the State Department of Education operates, I know the personalities," said Irby, who is retired from the Alabama Department of Education.

Messick has been an Assistant Attorney General for the last 12 years.

"I work on high profile and complex cases at the Attorney General's office," Messick explained. "There's a lot of law that impacts education. So while I don't already know all of that law, I know that I can learn it."

Weil is a business owner. "I hire people, I'm an employer, and it's getting harder and harder to hire high school graduates," Weil said. "They don't come to us with the same qualifications, the same educational background as they used to."

Just as their backgrounds are different, so are their expectations of what they will bring to the board.

"What I want to do is cooperate with the intervention, help make it successful," Messick described her priorities. "I have no doubt that the state is there trying to help."

"Accountability is top of the list," Weil said.  "But really the first priority for me would be to have a board that communicated with itself."

"My slogan is 'I'm a voice for the voiceless'"," Irby declared. "They can call me anytime, I don't care which district they're in. I'm open to communicating with the public and understanding what their concerns are."

Irby has three children who have all graduated from Montgomery Public Schools.

Messick has a daughter entering kindergarten in the fall at a private school.

Weil graduated from Lanier High School, her two children went to MPS schools, and her granddaughter is currently enrolled in a Magnet MPS school.

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