2 Republicans running for MPS District 2 Seat

2 Republicans running for MPS District 2 Seat
Ted Lowry (left) and Larry Lee (right) are running in the Republican primary for MPS District 2. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The race for the District Two seat on the Montgomery County Board of Education has been anything but typical on the Republican side.

Robocalls are going out from both candidates, Larry Lee and Ted Lowry, but in our interview, the candidates focused on their own strengths. Larry Lee says what sets him apart is "the background, the passion and I have the time."

Lee says he also has the track record.

"I was the state advisory board chairman for the HIPPY Program, which is Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, with 3,000 kids around the state. I've been very involved over the last few years in starting something at the University of West Alabama the Black Belt Teacher Corps-- these are young people who have committed to staying the Black Belt," Lee said.

Lee became interested in public education while working for the Department of Agriculture.

As part of a project, he studied 10 high-poverty, high-performing rural schools.

Lee now wants to be an ambassador who advocates for Montgomery Public Schools and showcases the positives. He says of MPS "We've got problems, we've got issues, but I go to a lot of these schools and I see things that are just amazing."

Lee's opponent, Ted Lowry, agrees there are pockets of excellence in MPS, but knows it can be better.

"My two sons went to elementary schools here in the 80s. Then moving around the world in the Air Force they always did well because of the foundation they got here. We don't have that today," Lowry said.

Lowry says his career in the Air Force prepared him for a job on the school board. He says a strong leader with strong management skills is exactly what MPS needs.

"Over the course of that career I was able to command five different groups including the largest one of its kind in the Air Force. And that one, I was sent there because it was failing, couldn't do anything right, and 18 months later we've recognized as the best in the Air Force," Lowry said.

Lowry has written down a plan he hopes voters will let him put into action.

"I would enter that office knowing that I'm not ever going to get reelected because I don't think that person who does this can do the kind of job he needs to do and satisfy every person that's going to be a voter," Lowry said.

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