MPS board candidates responding to 'personal attacks'

MPS board candidates responding to 'personal attacks'

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Two candidates running for a seat on Montgomery's board of education are responding to what they call personal attacks against them.

The "Expect More for MPS" recently distributed flyers in the mail criticizing both candidates Larry Lee and Melissa Snowden.

The candidates say the political action committee, or PAC, is not only insulting them but Montgomery Public Schools as well.

"Blame assessment and negative accusations are so toxic," said Snowden, "and unfortunately, it seems that there's an epidemic in Montgomery."

"It's another attempt by a political action committee that's now spent $77,269 to insult the 29,000 students in this school system, all their teachers, all their principals, and all their administrators," added Lee, "in an effort to hand pick the school board."

The "Expect More for MPS" campaign released a statement in response saying "If they are upset about their record of failed leadership being presented to the public, imagine how the thousands of MPS students, teachers, administrators, and parents must feel when they see the complete disregard that the current MPS board has shown toward them."

Voters will get their chance to choose who is right starting with primaries on June 5.

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