2 Democrats hope to make difference in District 2

2 Democrats hope to make difference in District 2
Audri Scott Williams and Tabitha Isner will face off in the Democratic primary for District 2 Tuesday. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama is a majority-Republican state. But Doug Jones' election to the US Senate proves that a Democrat can still win here. There are two Democrats running for the 2nd congressional seat in Congress -- Audri Scott Williams and Tabitha Isner.

Williams knows the military and the education system. She's a former reservist and former college dean. But when she speaks to groups, she reminds them that she's NOT a politician. She started to think seriously about running for office when Donald Trump was elected president.

"I was concerned about the way the country was going," Williams said. "I was concerned about the election."

One of her goals is to improve healthcare in rural areas. Currently, some people are forced to drive hours just to get to a hospital. She says she is also concerned about rising incarceration rates coupled with declining education standards.

"Education was generally a pipeline to jobs," she says. "But now the breakdown in education is a pipeline to prison."

Isner is also concerned about the future of education. This foster mother and early childhood policy expert says teachers need more support and more training.

School violence is another of Isner's priorities. She says she's tired of the lack of action in Washington when it comes to the country's gun laws.

"There's a long list of things we should consider," she says. "But instead, all I hear from politicians is that there's nothing that can be done."

Isner and her husband are pastors at their church. And she says her faith is her guiding principal. She also understands the importance of listening to and cooperating with others. Like many Americans, she says she is frustrated with Washington obstruction.

"I'm running because I'm tired of politicians who lack integrity and I'm tired of politicians who do a whole lot of talking, but not a lot of action," Isner explains. "So I'm ready for solutions."

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