It's all about numbers for Alex City Fire Chief

ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - Alex City firefighters have lost count of the number of frustrating moments when they couldn't find the right location because of a faulty address or missing numbers. Their boss is in the process of changing that.

When the fire alarm goes off and the siren screams, Alex City fireifghters are locked in, plotting what needs to be done on the scene, but there've been calls when precious time has been wasted trying to the find the precise location.

It is maddening thing for Chief Reese McAlister.

"I've been to these houses and I see a need for these free signs and we can't find your house," said McAlister.

McAlister decided to confront the issue with a single drive to encourage all residents to update their street numbers. The chief secured funding from a Tallapoosa County commissioner and is more than eager to hand out the numerical address.

"We had some other color choices but we'll stick with the blue. I think it stands out good plus it's got three drill holes in it," he said.

The chief estimates 60 percent of the people who live in Alex City don't have a street address, and those that do, the numbers are hard to read. Some are even upside down.

The numbers on one home near Maple Street are supposed to read "632." The two is upside down and barely hanging on the front porch post.

'"This one here has nothing," McAlister said about another house in a neighborhood.

So far, so good. The Alex City Fire Department has received about a hundred calls from residents wanting their street numbers updated and best of all  they're free.

"Time is life," he said.

An ounce of prevention can go a long way and that includes clarifying the numbers on the streets in Alex City.

Chief McAlister credits Tallapoosa County Commissioner T.C. Coley with getting the $2,000 needed to buy the number signs. That was enough to purchase 250 number signs.

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