Selma is a focal point for helping residents recover from Hurricane Katrina

Selma is also the focal point for hurricane recovery. It's one of five cities hosting temporary housing for people who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina. FEMA has now hired two contractors to transport thousands of rv-styled travel trailers to Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. About 7-hundred drivers are cycling in and out of the old airport using heavy pickup trucks. Managers are coming from as far away as Alaska. Alaska emergency manager, Lynn Wilcock, says," we're helping get the staffing and organizational elements up at each of those staging areas so that they can operate in the long term." FEMA officials say up to 100-thousand trailers will house victims in the three states, and about 25 percent of the entire inventory will come though Selma. FEMA pre-positioned the trailers in Selma back in may, well before hurricane season.