Editorial: All are welcome, but follow the law

Editorial: All are welcome, but follow the law

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I am curious as to how the immigration issue continues to be such a negative focal point directed at the Trump camp.

Trump is made out to be the bad guy here. The laws his administration is enforcing are the same laws that were in place for the past two presidents. I think it is terrible that children are being separated from their parents but if individuals continue to enter our country illegally this might happen.

The national media continues to push the narrative of Trump separating children from their parents. Time magazine went so far as to show a crying immigrant child who was allegedly separated from her parents. The father of the child said the child was never separated from them. Time Magazine knew this and printed the cover anyway.

In this country, if parents with children who are citizens of the United States commit a crime or break the law they go to jail without their children. In many cases, children are put in foster homes when other family are unable to take care of them.

Why would we do anything different for individuals who are not citizens?

I have said it once and I will say it again. I welcome all people of all countries to come to the United States.  However, they must follow the law to ensure proper and legal admittance.

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