Alabama animal shelters full of furry friends for adoption

Alabama animal shelters full of furry friends for adoption
The Lake Martin Humane Society has a furry pal for everyone. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - The summer months bring spiked intake rates for humane societies around Alabama, rates that mean shelters are often at or over capacity, said Mia Chandler, the director of the Lake Martin Humane Society.

With the influx of pets in the shelters, Chandler encourages residents to consider adding a furry member to their families, but she urges them to consider the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Much of the reason for the high intake rates is simple biology. Stray animals are more active in the warm weather, meaning many litters are born during the summer.

According to Chandler, sterilization is the best option for most pet owners to help prevent unwanted litters and overcrowding in shelters. The Lake Martin Humane Society partners with the Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic in Irondale to provide residents with the lowest prices possible. Pet owners can pay a fraction of the cost of the same procedure at a vet. She added that most shelters in Alabama have similar programs.

The savings don't stop there, however; adopting a pet from a shelter can be a much more economic option than buying a pet from a store. According to its website, the Lake Martin Humane Society charges $40 to $65 for puppies and dogs and $35 to $45 for kittens and cats, and although most are not certified pure-breeds, many are as close as you can get without papers.

"I think people would be amazed at their options," said Chandler. "They're not all Heinz-57 dogs."

She also pointed out that pets from humane societies have all of their current shots and are already spayed or neutered, unlike most pets from stores or private dealers.

Although the Lake Martin Humane Society was not over capacity when contacted by WSFA, its shelters are full and are likely to be throughout the summer, offering everyone a great opportunity to find a new pal.

"There's a match for every individual," said Chandler.

For more information about the Lake Martin Humane Society or to see some of the pets up for adoption, visit its website or call at 256-234-5533.

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