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Get a Gun comments

Viewer comments on Mayor Bright's crime control idea.  

For God's sake man!  You just gave every idiot out there a legal reason to own a gun and shoot.  I know how you meatnt it but there are too many fools out there just waiting for an ok to shoot someone.  You should know better.  J.R.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mayor Bright!  The problem with today's youth is that they have NOTHING to fear as far as consequences for their actions.  The judges and bleeding-heart liberals are not tough enough on juvenile criminals to make them want to straighten-up after a first offense.  I say, instead of the taxpayers furnishing them with food & shelter while they are incarcerated, send them to Iraq if they're so fearless and intent on doing harm to others, so that our soldiers can come home! - Billy

He has the wrong solution. - Angela

Montgomery should be proud of its mayor.  I agree 100% when Folmer was in office he toted a gun.  He knew how dangerous it was then.  I applaud Mayor Bright.  Sometimes it pays to fight fire with fire.  I think that all families should have a gun and know how to use it. - Shirley

On Target.  Police can't be everywhere all the time. - Shirley

I think it's great!  If someone breaks into your house, you don't have time to call and wait on the police if you are being threatened.  If people know there's a chance they might get shot if they break into a house or a store, then hopefully they will stop committing crimes. - Ginger

I think his comment was great.  Lord knows the police are never there when you need them.  Not to mention you will never see your personal property again if it is stolen.  Of course, you should know gun safety rules and know that if you shoot, you might kill so be prepared to handle it.  K.R.

I think Mayor Bright has the right answer.  It is time for the criminal element to be taken under control.  It is apparent that the judicial system does not deter them but perhaps if they knew they could be shot as soon as they broke into someone's home, it might make them think twice before doing it. - Martha

Get a gun and use it within the legalities of the law. - Traci

Good grief! Take the comment for what it was  - a JOKE! - Donna

I agree completely.  If we had more people who don't commit crimes owning guns there would be less crime.  Sometimes I wish I had one.  The problem is I don't know how to use a gun properly.  - Brandy

Only for self defense. - Jen

I totally agree with the Mayor.  Why let someone come into your home or on your property and take what you have worked so hard for. - Prenenna

If we take the law into our own hands then we will have to justify why we shot someone.  Mayor, I am confused about your statement even though it may be a quick solution. - Barbara

I truly believe the Mayor was wrong with his comment because if everyone did use a gun then the person doing the shooting would probably turn around and say that Mayor Bright said it would be ok to shoot first then ask questions later. - Wayne

I agree with the mayor.  Being a victim of burglery already and knowing how nothing will ever come of it, I feel criminals would start thinking twice if they started realizing that their actions could result in death rather than a little jail time or a slap on the wrist. - Jason

Good for the mayor!  Every citizen has the right to defend themselves and should do so.  That is the only solution to crime in our area.  People should stop waiting for someone else to take care of them and start taking care of themselves.  These are the principles upon which this country is founded.  - W.M.

I believe this quote was taken out of context.  I'm sure he didn't mean it the way it came out!  There are always those uh-oh moments. - Laura

I agree totally!  And I thought that this way of thinking left with Mayor Folmar.  Go Bobby Go! - Neil

Yea, that's what we pay a 10% city tax and do the job of the Montgomery police and have everybody shooting at anything that moves in the night.  This is just stupid. - Rick

Right on TARGET!  It's about time a public servant spoke for the honest and law abiding citizens.  Citizens need to be aware of their legal right to defend their possessions and property from criminals.  The gun class is an excellent way to be trained for the legal use of a fire arm. - Jimmy

What the mayor has suggested somewhat makes since.  Look at what happened in New Orleans after the storm.  The thugs taking over the streets, etc.  One must be able to protect themselves when necessary.  But, one must know when they can do it and must be trained. - Cindy

Sounds like it would certainly deter some criminals. - Jan

Go for it! - Liz

 I agree with the Mayor. An armed public is a safer public. We cannot rely on the police ar any branch of government to protect us. They can only react to situations after they happen which is too late to stop an attack. Besides, we have a constitutional right to protect ourselves. The reporter should have identitied himself when asked about press status. I had no opinion of the mayer befor, now I have a new respect. - Michael

He was kidding. - Sarah

 I don't think we need to turn into vigilantes, but if the City dosen't have enough Police to handle the problem the citizens need to be able to protect themselves and their businesses. I know the Police wish there were more people interested in being in law enforcement to help them with the problem. - Pam

As we saw in New Orleans the police force no matter how big can not always be there when needed. We were told after Andrew to be prepared to take care of ourselfs. This applied not only to a disaster area but to our everyday life as well. Anyone who believes differently is living in the same dream world that Gov. Blanco was. - Steve

I think this is a bit much, the mayor encouraging people to buy guns to protect themselves.  What happened to the protection that we are supposed to get from the Police Officers?? - Cindy

At a younger age I would have said the same thing.  Now, I say no because the wrong person most always get hurt. - Carol

As an Alabama resident with a concealed weapons permit, I think that mayor is right on with his comments. The police can only do so much, the New Orleans aftermath is a great example. I don't even like coming to Montgomery due the crime concerns and when I do, it is always with a weapon.  People need to stand up to these thugs.  - Scott

That really sounds stupid. He wants the whole town to become viglantes. We already have that, (it's called gangs violence).  - Sarah

First time I've ever agreed with him. - Louis

So in other words Major Bright just open season on all young black men just because of the way they might look.  In my opinion, there are to many police office now that have that same way of thinking when it come to shoot first and ask questions later if you live.  - Gwendolyn

I saw nothing in the article about "taking the law into your own hands" as mentioned above. The mayor simply said what most Montgomery citizens knew to be true all along. Citizens have the right to protect themselves from lawbreaking thugs and sometimes that includes the use of lethal force. I personally think if everyone owned a firearm, these no good thugs that are committing crimes would think twice before stealing property that someone else had to bust their rump to earn. - Jarrad

I think the mayor was dead on! My place of business has been broken into in the last 2 months and the people who broke in are telling their parents that they will get probation. My place of business will be out $20,000 should this happen. Small businesses can not afford this loss and stay in business.  It's us or them! Who is going to win???? - Ron

If a criminal knew that one house was owned buy a gun carrier and user and the other house was owned by a non-gun owner...which home would the criminal break in to?  I think that he would choose the house with out the guns.  Why would he take the chance of getting shot?  Guns are not bad, it is how they are used that makes them bad.  People protecting their homes, families, and themselves with guns is not a bad thing.  We should all carry would keep the criminals on their toes!! - Sheri

Couldn't agree more with the Mayor!  As a previous victim, I fully support the ight to legally have/carry a gun.  Safety courses are available and police cannot be everywhere. Our entire legal system and laws must become stricter instead of being so lenient.  Society as a whole is in trouble. - Kathleen

It is the right thing to do. Even though, I feel sorry for the police departments that has to go catch the same criminal and when he/she faces the judge, they set them free. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THIS TIME AND AGE! - William

Stronger police force and a thorough investication into our narcotics squad of the police force.  - Mazelle

I see no problem with it, everyone needs to remeber that it doesn't give you the right to take the law in your hands an shot someone just over the least little dispute. just remember if you do have to use a gun make sure that there is no other way out. - Warrick

I think Mayor Bright only said what most people think. May I ask how many law enforcement officers are in Montgomery? How many citizens do you have? Do the math! Yes, Law Enforcement is there to protect the citizens, BUT, YOU also have to protect yourself! This should not even be news worthy! - Ray

Right on!!!!!! I agree with Mayor Bright. I intend to do what he suggested. - Bobby

I agree with the Mayor, but I think it should be required to get a permit for a gun that you would have to go thru a training class on the proper use of the hand gun.  We have to take a driving test to get a drivers license why not the same on getting a permit for a gun. - Beth

The citizens right of self defense is a given, especially since the police can just react after something happens. - James

Surprise, I agree with Mayor Bright.  If criminals know that most people in this city have and can use a gun, they are much less likely to try a mugging or burglary.  When a city reaches a certain size and demographic, it is virtualy impossible to control small crime without creating a police state.  Just as it is up to each individual to seek out the education, jobs, and personal integrity they desire; it is also individuals protecting themselves legaly that insures safety.  No police force can offer that kind of security, and they should not.  They are here to help, not to do the things to protect us that we won't do our selves. - Brian

If he or she is bold enough to do the crime; then they are ready to face the the gun if they come on my property and try steal. - Betty

 I think he could have come up with something better than that.  This is only going to create more crimes. - Yvonne

I support the mayor and based on the comments on this web site it seems to be to be the popular consensus.  I know some people say educate, rehabilitate and employ. There is a good education system out there but how do you make someone take advantage of it when they refuse to do so. There is a rehabilitation system out there but who is rehabilitated in a place that is probably better than where they came from.  There is an employment system out there but how do you make someone work when it is easier to steal. The concept is good but reality is you can't force people to do any of the things that make them law abiding decent citizens.  Police officers do their job and the first thing you hear is police brutality no matter the circumstances. This comment often ends up with the officer being made into the bad guy and the actual bad guy getting a slick attorney to get him out of jail with the intent of suing over his clients “treatment”.  It ’s hard for officers, firemen or medics to do their job especially not knowing what they will encounter when they go into these areas and situations.  I for one would not want to be an officer, fireman or medic in these areas.  I think we should commend the ones that willing to take on this responsibility instead of complaining about them and the job they do.  As for the naysayers if we hadn’t made it so hard for our forces to do their job we wouldn’t have the need to carry firearms ourselves.  -Angie

The Constitution establishes the governement's responsibility for protection and what that entails and what that covers.  The part of the Consitution we call the Bill of Rights provides "We, the people," with the right and ability to protect ourselves.  While I think what the Mayor said was potentially a little harsh, I hope that criminals take a what he said to heart and realize that he was informing and reminding the citizens under his juridiction that, if they don't feel adequately protected or safe, they have the right to arm themselves with weapons and knowledge.  I hope it serves as a deterent, but fear that it won't to some who find themselves in trouble despite this warning. - Helen 

It's about time that Mayor Bright has some balls and speak the truth as bad as it may sound. - Shawn

I think it's a great idea.  However, I believe that each person should have to apply for a concealed weapons permit and also attend/complete the firearm safety class offered by the city. - John

There is no one, solid answer. crime is what it is and it's here to stay, with that being said, if a citizen owns a firearm yu just may have to use it, but you should know how to properly use it. My husband and I are licensed and we will be taking advantage of the classes offered; now that we know about them. - A.J.

Careless. - Mike

First of all I would like to inform all of you of what the 2nd Amendment really says....Amendment II  "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

So if you read it as I do it says a well regulated militia has the right to bear arms and when it was written the militia was made up of the people in the state because they did not have a police force. So now that we have that out of the way...I kind of agree with the mayor however I think it is irresponsible to say that...there are other means of protection like a security system, dogs, tazor guns, stun guns...things of that in regard to the mayor making the statement I think that people should take more action to protect themselves however I think using a gun is a little extreme and the odds that the people who buy them actually learn how to use them correctly are slim to none. - Kelly

I think it's the truth. I also remember the past mayor usually carried a firearm on his side, plus he didn't take any crap.  Well people voted him out of office and now look what you have in Montgomery.  Violence on the rise and a mayor telling people to get a gun and use it.  I can remember as a kid going to the mall for Christmas. Never had to worry about anything.  Well that has changed since Bright came into office.  Due to the number of thugs roaming the malls, it's not safe to take your family.  So, I guess if the mayor can't control the town then it's not such a bad idea for the citizens, (that still reside in Montgomery), to arm themselves. - CG

Yes if the criminals thank you have a gun in the house they will think twice before breaking in.Crime is going happen no matter what.You can not have a policeman on every block 24 hrs a day.The common person is the 1st line of defence againest criminals.The honest citizen will obey the laws but the criminals could care less.I have a gun permit and I feel secure when I have it with me.Just check the news about all the shootings at eating places and the Post Offices.Everyone one should carry a gun unless they have mental problems are a criminal background.One city out west passed a law that all there citizens must have a gun with them.If you check the crime rate is really low there and the murder rate is low.Guns are not the problem the justice system is the problem.We have murders on death row for years and years before they are executed.The people they killed did not have "rights" or the extra years they get.The mayor said the right thing.It my not be politicaly correct but he told the truth. - Gary

At last! Practical, right solutions from a politician! It would take one policeman per person to protect everyone from criminals. The job of the police is to find and punish a criminal after he has made you a victim. Protect your own home and call the police when you need help. Keep up the good work Mayor, you will have the idiots after you for this. The very idea that citizens take responsibility for themselves! - Tommy

He is right.  Law enforcement cannot be everywhere at the same time. It is time somebody tells the citizens to stand up for themselves and protect their lives and property. - Lloyd

Totally irresponsible.  The guy is an idiot.  Take the law into your own hands? Yeah right, you moron. - D.K.

He is right.  The citizens of Montgomery should be aware and protect themselves and theirproperty.  Crime is everywhere in Montgomery.  The news doesn;t always report everything that goes on.  It's a shame that it's come to this,but the mayor is right and I'm proud of him saying that Montgomery citizens should police themselves.  - David

You need a new mayor. - Eloise

Bravo! People taking responsibility upon themselves to protect and defend themselves is a basic concept of this country.  However, learning to shoot and when to shoot is paramount. A bunch of "Rambos" will not help. - Robert

I think thathis answer is right. - Darrah

If the Mayor would stand behind his Police force, he wouldn't have to ask the citizens of Montgomery to arm themselves.  If the Montgomery Police Dept. was allowed to police like they should, you wouldn't have this issue.  There are not enough officers on the street as it is.  There are officers leaving left and right because no one will stand behind them.  Maybe someone should ask the Mayor just how many officers are really on the street.  I doubt he'll give an honest answer.  Encouraging thugs to arm themselves against other thugs is not the answer. - Junior

I agree with the Mayor on this issue.  If criminals are going to be out there blatantly commiting acts of unlawful behavior, citizens ought to at least have the right to protect themselves with a gun if they so choose. - Kathy

It was a poor choice of words - Danny

Good advice. I've been on the opposite side of Mayor Bright on many issues. He's got this one right. He's not talking about vigilantiism, or irresponsible use of firearms,he's talking about legitimate self-defense. - Philip

Hoo-ray to you mayor,I feel the same,officers can't be everywhere.  I have a gun and will use it if necessary to protect what is mine,more people should feel the same.  It's a shame the world has come to this but what else can you do.  Keep up the good work.  I am an Elmore County resident but still stand beside you and your feelings. - Judy

I normally don't support the mayor, but I am 110% behind him this time.  Citizens should help the police by not becoming easy prey for criminals.  Get a concealed carry permit, get trained, and carry your gun on a regular basis. - Kevin

I think that Mayor Bright is right on target with this suggestion.  I do own a handgun and trust me, I know how to use it and would not be afraid to use it if necessary.  It's time the citizens of Montgomery stood up to take back control of their neighborhoods and communities. - Tammy

Seems like a lazy way out and just another example of his mouth being in gear when his brain wasn't.  The police department picks the jokers them up and they're out of jail in less than 24 hours.  The police officers are discouraged that their hard work results in little to no regard from the "justice" system.  They're encouraged to respond to calls, but 9 times out of 10 the criminals are released.  If my carrying a gun can fix that then I'll be glad to do as the Mayor suggests.  I hope he's free to testify at my trial when I tell the jury that it was his idea.. - Shane

I think he's absolutely right.  I live in Wetumpka, and I do not travel to Montgomery often because of the crime rate.  My family owns several guns & we know how to use them.  We keep them locked up with a trigger-lock on the handgun.  It's all in having respect for guns but most of all respect for others & their property. - Christy

Totally absurd. Where are all the tax dollars going to provide the residents of Montgomery SAFETY? Building a golf course on the West Side of town, What Has The Mayor Been Smoking? - Brett

I could not agree with him more looking at the violence that runs ramped in Montgomery in reading the Advertiser and watching Channel 12.  If you want to protect yourselves in our State Capitol you had better be prepared to do so.  Many of our veterans do not want to go to the VA Hospital in Montgomery or Tuskegee and had rather go to the Dothan clinic because of this very reason.  It is just not even safe to go to the doctor in
Montgomery because of the crime in that city.  Traffic in Dothan may be bad but at least they have a solid police force and plenty of protection. - Rev. Thomas

All I can say for Mayor Bright is "Tell it like it is Bobby!"

I think the Mayor is right on track. If the crimiinals kwen that you had a gun then they would least likly choose to steal for you. I think we should all carry a side arm. I hate that it has come to this but somthing has to be done. - Jimmy

I totally agree with the mayor. The crime situation will only get better when decent, law-abiding, non-apathetic citizens take initiative to protect their family, themselves, and their property. Apathy enables--Action deters.  - Bob

Once againWSFA is making news. - Philip

The mayor has a controversial, yet plausible solution to violent crime, especially person-on-person crime.  I do not suggest that guns should be used to prevent property crimes, but if the criminals carry guns to facilitate their person-on-person crimes, then citizens should carry guns to promote their own safety and welfare.  - Byrde

You Go Bobby!  You should start by getting a firing range set up!  Makes it easier to practice and become accurate. - Mona, (Former resident) Now in New Hampshire

I agree 100% with the mayor.  The police department is doing all they can do with the man power they have.  I agree. - Anne

I think it's a great idea,if thieves think a homeowner is armed they will be a lot less likley to try to rob that house.Farthermore if the news shows where a homeowner used a gun to defend his home then that will send a message to all the other would be thieves that this will not be tolerated.  - Justin

I think it is a great idea.  For instance - Mississippi did not have near the looting problems that New Oreleans had. Why? Because in Mississippi they did 2 things #1-Where looters came to take non essential items (TV's, stereos, jewelry etc) they were shot and left to lay in the street with their bounty in their arms - and #2 - the police came and shot the locks off of the stores with the essential items and took the items to distribution centers.  Ok, it is a little harsh to leave a sole in the street, but the potential looters got the message quick.  To sum it up, Yes, not only should people exercise their right to bear arms, the prisons should be transformed from "country clubs", by contrast to a no perks environment. These combined would truly lower crime in our community. - Michelle

No city can ever have a big enough police force to do ALL that needs doing!  Citizens should have the means and know how to protect themselves. - Eddie

Seems like these comments were made in a casual speech and someone recorded and blew this into news. I don't think Mayor Bright made an official proposal, yet being in the public eye means every comment has to be filtererd for public evaluation. Is it responsible reporting? - Amy

 I agree whole-heartedly. Since I had a car stolen from my driveway while I slept in '97 , I haven't left my house without my sidearm....and I feel sorry for anyone who comes into my home uninvited. As far as paying for police protection , I dont think cops/firefighters/or ems/nurses get paid enough as it is for putting their life on the line everytime they lace up their boots to go to work.  I think after the first five or so  instances of "civilian" defense by gun owners is publicized these selfish, degenerate inbreds will go elsewhere to achieve their goals in life , unless their goal is to die young. I think we should take a journey back to the times of Wyatt Earp. Some might say 'why would you kill someone to defend some jewelry or a car?' and my answer to this question is 'why not, they'd kill and have killed for a damn pair of sneakers!!' Thank you and to you criminals .....if you know whats good for you , you'll stay away from Pike Road  - Brin

Seems like the only alternative.The police are only allowed to give a slap on the wrist anymore without someone yelling"Police brutality".So it looks like the hard working citizens are going to have to fight off the "THUGS" themselves. - Waylo

Finally a politician with the guts not only to acknowledge the fact that YOU are responsible for your own safety, but one who rightly condones the owning of firearms for legal law abiding citizens... makes me want to move here!!  As for the "Wild West" and "Nervous Shooters killing people" comments, I would only suggest they actually research firearms and personal defense with them before making knee jerk ignorant comments like that. -Brad, Virginia resident

It is sad that I had to answer yes to his comments,but whether people want to acknowledge it or not there are some people that only understand that type of brute force.  I will protect my family and property with whatever means are at my disposal.we must fight for our safety. - Bruce

His statements were reckless.  He should have focused on prevention rather than reaction to the crime, such as educate, employ, and rehabilitate.  A mayor shouldn't encourage citizens to shoot each other.  Will that be a defense? "The mayor told me do do it." - Monica

I agree with the mayor but am surprised to hear him say it.  I would rather hear his wife's opinion.

I believe that the mayor was just playing, but sometimes in these day and time sometimes you just have to be serious all the time .  - Jennifer

I agree with the mayor's response. On a daily basis, the citizens of this area are attacked, robbed, and outright being terrorized. When and where does it end? Communities MUST unite and take back our city. It may be that we have to resort to a "well-trained" protection and deterrent effort such as stated by the mayor. - Gloria 

I believe, if the individual could control child safety and require training prior to buying a gun.  (This is done for driving, why not for guns).  The big issue would be if someone broke into your home if you couldn't shoot someone they would have a weapon to take and use as well. - Joyce

AGREE fightfire with fire ! - Smith

I think it is the only solution. Nothing else is working. I don't think criminals will want to come to a city where the residents are equipped and trained to protect themselves. I would not hesitate to shoot someone if they came into my home, and I am equpped and trained. - Teresa

 It is about time someone woke up. Also need to tell Judges to start doing there job thes way it is ment to be done. - Millard

I agree totally with the mayor.  If people aren't doing anything wrong and are not where they shouldn't be, they won't have anything to worry about.  If you are somwhere you don't belong and doing something illegal then too bad. You get what you deserve.  It has nothing to do with race.  The black community sometimes will say the police are racist, but the fact is Montgomery is a black county therefore statistics will show more black arrest.  It all comes back to common courtesy for other people and their property. - Glenda

While I usually disagree with the mayor, he's right on target this time. Guns lower crime when in the hands of responsible people. - Donald

He was being very honest with what will deter crime (some people may not like hearing the truth) - Rita

I agree with him because people think that they can run over you and do anything to you. - Sharranda

The mayor's comments should be taken seriously by those willing and able to responsibly use a firearm.  Naysayers will always point out the supposed dangers of private citizens' ownership of firearms.  However those arguments do not hold up under strict scrutiny.  Studies show that crime rates actually increase after strict gun control ordinances are passed. Nations in Europe have and continue to experience this.  Studies also reveal that far fewer people are killed or injured from private citizens actions of self defense than are from accidental police shootings.  As the mayor and police lieutenant pointed out, the most important issue in owning a gun is obtaining the knowledge and physical skills needed to properly defend you and your family.    - Chris

 I think if you go by the law & get a permit to carry a fire arm, then you should have the proper training to use it just for protection only and find out how far the law allows you to go.  The people that's stealing & breaking into personal property, then the owners should be able to protect what they have worked for. - Cynthia

 I think it's a good idea.  I own a gun and would use  it to protect me and my family.  I'd die protecting what's mine.  I don't go to work and pay my bills to have a thug help themselves to it.  - Aimee

I lived in Montgomery for the first 28 years of my life and watched it go from a nice town to one that is now full of crime.  My neighborhood was taken over by hoodlums and thugs so I moved my family to Millbrook.  I agree with what the Mayor said because we should not depend on the government for everything.  The second amendment to the constition gives citzens the right to keep and bear arms and we should all do so.  If every law abiding citizen would take up the responsibility of owning firearms there would be much less crime because thieves look for easy targets and will be much less likely to invade someone's house that he believes contains an armed owner.  People should stop waiting for the local, state and federal government to do everything for them.  Thank you for letting me speak. - Lamar

His solution is right on target.  This is what the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is all about.  The police CAN'T BE EVERYWHERE ALL OF THE TIME.  ONLY A MENTALLY ILL LIBERAL WOULD THINK OTHERWISE!!!! - Mike

Mayor Bright is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  As law abiding citizens and private property owners, we must stand ready to defend ourselves from theft and destruction. Lawful, defensive use of a protective firearm is the perfect solution.  If you give guns to the law abiding citizens, the thugs will no longer feel their bullying power....because they just might get caught in a despicable act and get shot!  Hurray for Bobby Bright! - Norma

I do not live in Montgomery, but I agree 100% with Mayor Bright's statements. - Jason

Excellent Idea! If criminals had a reason to fear, there would be less crime. The system has failed to make criminals fear ANYTHING so maybe this is the solution.  Who knows, I have  been a gun toting female for many many years and yes it has come in handy as I am a business owner and it stopped me from being held up twice. Fearful as I am about the lack of constraint that may be used, I think making gun owners responsible for their actions a necessary part of this idea. - Michelle

The thing that shocks me is that WSFA considers the Majors coments to be "Shocking". Sounds like practical advice to me.  When the bad guys start shooting, I consider it a civic responsibility for us good guys to shoot back! - Joe

Never thought I'd say this but Mayor Bright is right on the money. We should all take responsibility for our own safety and not simply expect the police to be anywhere at anytime. Gun ownership requires a commitment by the gun owner both within the home and from outside threats. - Rick

I think citizens need guns because there is no way the poice can protect all citizens 24/7. We have to be responsible enough to take responsibility for our own safety. Why sit around and let the criminals take over our lives. - Fran

I think it is an excellent idea. But if you are going to get a gun, learn to use it properly, and learn the law about the use of the gun to protect yourself and your property. It is a proven fact that strict gun control does not work and criminals love gun control laws because it disarms law abiding citizens. If criminals do not know if the person that they are trying to injure or steal from are armed or not, they will probably be less likely to commit a crime againest an individual. In Switzerland citizens are required by law to have an automatic rifle in their homes and to regularly train with it. And by the way, they have the lowest crime rate in the world. - Bill

 I think it is a good idea.  The citizens are going to have to learn to defend themselves within the scope of the law. - Jacqueline

I agree whole-heartedly that people need to own a gun & know how to shoot it if necessary. - Betty

I am a person who does not like guns, however if the City Police Department and the Court Systems cannot fight Crime, Punich the criminals and the keep on day after day then as citizens we have right to protect our property and family. - Donna

What good is this going to be?  Then everybody will be killing everybody just for the heck of it.  Keep these criminals in jail and maybe that might work instead of letting them out so quickly. - Lisa

Good idea. I'm all for it - J.E.

I agree I have a Doberman in my yard she will not go out of my yard because of  and electric underground fence. I also have a gun and if someone wants to try to get to me or my wife to steal or hurt us, we are old them just let them try becase  by the time she gets threw with them I want have much to shoot anyway.  - Johnny

Citizens don't know the real reason for having weapon.  Most think of it as a cool thing.  I think they need to be educated concerning weapon and the use of them. - Pamela

A lot of innocent people will get shot and killed by nervous gun owners. - Mary

Surely the mayor and his police force can come up with a more organized and civilized solution to the crime problem instead of this throw back to the "Wild West" idea. - David

It's about time the criminal acknowledges that there may more consequences for crime than just a slap on t, he hand. This should be extended to law enforcement officers as well, they shouldn't have to chase a suspect. If someone flees they should be able to stop them at whatever cost. - Junior

I alreadyhave a gun and I would use it to protect my family or myself. - T.J.

 If his suggestion is taken seriously, crime will get under control in short order.  It won't take many such shootings to get the message out! - Beverly

I don't live in Montgomery but I do travel there frequently.  I believe his comment may be taken out of context and used as a vigilante type solution.  There should always be caution used when a firearm is used.  But, that being said, I believe we do have the right to protect ourselves and our property.  - Brenda

I agree!  Myfamily is important to me and I will protect them and myself if I have to. - Lisa

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